Jerry Saylor

This guy is hard in more ways than one.  He is hard to read, you never know when he is joking or being serious.  Has a tendency to purposely act like he has learning disability, or maybe its not on purpose, we don't really know.  He is manipulative, impulsive, and at times repulsive.  Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is for certain, he is the driving force behind the KYHBB.

"Leftward Sloping"
Dusty B.

Dusty B. was named the first Honorary Hot Brown Boy.  Starting out as our media engineer and doing a ton of bitch work in the studio, he has moved up to full time co-host.  He has his mind in the gutter, but is always looking towards the stars.  Never scared and never backs down, he has proven himself in the world of KYHBB.

Bruce Leonard

Bruce Leonard is an egotistical, self absorbed, narcissistic, vain, and stubborn son of a bitch from Cincinnati, Ohio.  Needless to say he fits in perfectly with us.  Bruce joined us in season 5 after Toby had to take an indefinite hiatus due to his work schedule and personal life.

People Who Hang Around the Studio

Justin Hurd
a.k.a Toby Molson

This fucking guy here, we go way back like rims on a Cadillac.  With the shit we have given this dude over the years I am surprised he still even calls us, let alone hangs out with us.  Could be due to the fact that we have a tendency to get him laid, with like chicks not ourselves.  Fucking perverts.  Anyways, like I was saying, Justin is usually our scapegoat for abuse when we have nothing better to do.  He laughs like a dirt bike and fucks like a horse (from what I have heard).  And for that Justin, we love you, but not in a gay way or anything.  NO HOMO

Darren "The Barber"
a.k.a. The Guy on the Couch

Since our very first epsiode Darren has been a fixture on the couch in the studio.  Whether or not you actually hear him on microphone, he is usually there.  I think to think of him as an intern who helps us out whenever we require assistance, or when we are just being lazy, which is most of the time.  Thank you Darren for all your help and providing us with comic relief from time to time.

Legendary Josh Rath
The Hot Brown Hero

Obviously not a man to fuck with.  Josh has helped us out in every pinch we have ever been in.  First appearing on Episode 7, he would later substitute for a former host.  We are lucky to have a friend like Josh.  If the world had more people like Josh in it, we'd prolly be fucked, like royally fucked, hard.  We love you Josh.


He is not slim nor shady, therefore he is Chubby Friendly.  Not always on point but always sharp as a tack.  Wouldn't harm a fly, but he once smothered a cat.  Has a way with words but he is not a rapper.  Wheezes when he laughs at Dusty B on the crapper.  Chubbs decided to leave the KYHBB on September 18,2014 for personal reasons.

Who is next?  It could be you?